Friday, October 7, 2011

Grandma Summer

At last, Grandma Summer is coming to a close. At least, that's what the weather predictions say, and I"m not about to argue with the gloves and scarf I wore last night. But how unusual, how fortunate, that from the moment I stepped off the plane on August 18th, until yesterday, October 7th, the Czech Republic has experienced a belated sunny season that has drawn everyone outside, allowing me to fall in love a little harder.

Everyone knows that the proper term for "long summer heat in the middle of Fall" is "Indian Summer," but let's get real, there aren't many Indians in Europe. (American Indians. There are plenty of real Indians, or else I wouldn't have had delicious eggplant curry last weekend.) Whatever you call it, I experienced it the same.

What do you do in Prague when it's unexpectedly nice? And trust me, no one really expected it.

Wake up and smile.

It's too dark on weekdays to see the sun in the mornings, but on the weekends, there is nothing better than rolling over and looking out the window to see the top of the centuries old buildings across my street, and bright blue sky above them. Doesn't that just set the mood?

Go for a run/walk.

Who can argue with that sky?
Sadly, I think we are nearing the end of the run/walk period with the return of the rain this week, because the sidewalks are old, beautiful, and ridiculously slippery - coaster sized shiny interlocking rocks. I can't wait until the day I bite it when I'm in a hurry, probably wearing heels. The logistics of the run/walk: pick a direction, any direction, and go. Run until you want to stop, walk until you feel lazy, and chances are, I'll see 50 different new things I promise I'll come back to.

Most may be in the shape of pubs...

But I did encounter a super drunk couple at 10AM sitting down on the escalator of the metro and, not realizing they had no intention of ever standing up, I ended up in an escalator doggy pile of pissy Czech's and confused foreigners. Just shake it off, it's Grandma Summer!

Go to the park and read, like everyone else.

I didn't read books in Taiwan because I worked all day and I didn't want to come home and burden my poor brain in my apartment, which was my movie-watching sanctuary. But when it's 70 and sunny, and my favorite park, Riegrovy Sady, has about 10 different views of Prague that would blow your mind, I am drawn like a fly to a buzzing death trap. Almost finished with my second book. The other day, two men with guitars sat near me and I got an incidental serenade. Life is so good, I suppose.

Drink beer, of course, but do it outside.

I'm sad to see the sun go for one big reason: I can't go to beer garden's anymore, or sit in outdoor patios. ANd when we're all driven indoors, that's when the smoker's lung starts to develop, and the smoker's hair, and clothes, and skin. Czech's are about 20 years behind in the fact that smoking is going out of fashion, especially because you can die. And it smells bad. Come on, people. I'm trying to meet gorgeous European men and I smell like an tabacco wildfire.

Sunset - my stairwell.
Thank goodness for Maider Sorasu, who taught me in Spain that the best policy is to immediately remove clothes upon entering home and hang it up away from everything else. And give it a few days. Damn the autumn and my smelly wardrobe.

Watch the sun set from anywhere.

Yes, the sun still sets all year round. But when you can watch it go down while wearing a tanktop and sitting with a group of friends on a hilltop, that's magic.

This being said, I think Fall is going to be an excellent season.

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  1. Hey CPK... great written snapshot again.

    "Gramma summer" sounds like paradise. Each season is certain to bring new impressions of Prague (even some stinky ones). Keep exploring and keep up the posts - we all love em'.