Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Sweet European Apartment

What my window sees. 
My delightfully curious sister just skyped me : "hows prague"

And my answer:

"great, the rain stopped
and my roommates are great
and the cat is currently playing on my bed."

Isn't it amazing how things turn around in our favor, just when we think that some freakishly large and evil puppet master in the sky is about to *Job us a little more?

Well, the clouds parted and between them was a three bedroom apartment on Sazavska Street in Prague. I had been so incredibly desperate when I saw the apartment that when I was offered the place, I could hardly remember enough to describe. I remembered feeling comfortable, and crossed my fingers that was enough, and that I hadn't overlooked gross amounts of mold or a gaping hole in the floor or some weird habits like toe picking or having no heaters.

My intuition couldn't have been better. Armed with three of my girlfriends, each with one of my bags in tow, and with the help of my new male roommate, we managed to haul everything up three flights of stairs (because really, who needs an elevator?) and into my new home. Hallelujah!

The pretty picture: high ceilings, a cosy living room, an adorable kitchen with herbs growing on the windowsill and an mural on the door. New water heater, giant bathtub, and of course, a room of my own, which in reality is enormous and almost more space than I can fill with two suitcases full of me. After a few hours of slowly pushing furniture around and finally unloading, I begin to feel like the life I intended to have here is finally worth having.

Did I mention there's a cat, and the front door to the building is opened with a brass skeleton key?

Like my co-worker Lauren so brazenly exclaimed, "Way to go, Caitlin. 17th time is the charm!"

Mattress sweet mattress (work in progress)

My very own keys!
*Job meaning that unfortunate guy from El Biblio who was punished for no reason and still gained infamy in his own book within a book.

Don't you wish your stairway was old like mine?

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